In my ECMP class today we watched a video about how the media is affecting us and it got me thinking about what a major role it plays in society today. What an individual watches on T.V. or which video they may have watched that day on YouTube will dictate what the outcome of a conversation will be.  Mike Wesch made a comment in his speech that watching television is like having a one way conversation and that you must be on T.V. in order to have a voice. I believe this is where YouTube comes into place since their slogan is “Broadcast Yourself” where any individual no matter who you are has the ability to create a video and post it on YouTube about absolutely everything and anything. It is kind of humorous because these individuals are posting videos in order to have a voice and yet they are only talking to a camera and don’t know who may view it.  People become so concerned about what they look like while they are creating their newest video for Youtube because they don’t know who might be looking at them. In the end does it really matter how they look or is more about how funny or interesting their video was? Do people make videos on YouTube for a purpose or are they just hoping to get their name and face out to the public? I think there is a combination of the two. There are some very interesting videos out there such as the one I referred to at the beginning and then there are videos such as Charlie Bit my Finger which was just a home video that has now become extremely popular leading other individuals to copy it. In Mike’s speech he found stats saying 20 hours of video is uploaded every minute which is over 1000 times faster than you can watch it and equals almost 493 714 videos being uploaded a day on YouTube alone. These numbers are remarkably high and makes me question how many hours an individual may spend a day either creating a video or watching various others that have been created that day.

Has the world become too engaged in YouTube or is this a useful tool for individuals take advantage of?