Tonight I watched the movie Freedom Writers and after watching it I was inspired to write a new post. It is amazing how one teacher can have the drive to make such a difference in so many student’s lives who would otherwise think of themselves as hopeless. This movie resonated in me more so then it did before since I am now on the path to becoming a teacher. At the beginning of this movie the principal of the school has no faith in this new teacher and believes that you can’t force students to enjoy education. A large portion of these students were juveniles and came from difficult situations and therefore the principal believed they should be limited in resources and never be challenged to improve their literacy level because they will just drop out of school anyways. These students were not given hope or support by the school and it was up to this one individual teacher to believe in these students. I think it was very beneficial to give these students journals to write in as they were able to have a voice and share their stories only if they wanted to. Initially the students do not see how school will help them out in the ‘real’ world but by having a teacher who is able to provide situations these students can relate to, they are able to come to a realization in their own lives. Once these students as well as the teacher are given a goal they are able to become self-motivated and are not afraid to try and make a change for the better. I really enjoyed how the individual who wrote the book Ann Frank pointed out that these students are their own heroes and that they can turn on a light in a dark room. Each of these students have the ability to make a difference in not only their lives, but the lives of others.

We as future teachers have to realize what kind of impact we may have on a single student’s life or a whole classroom of students. It may be terrifying at first to hold that much power but we must remember we are only the motivators, the students are the ones who will make the real change in their lives. Classrooms are filled with millions of stories behind each student as they come from all directions in life and we as teachers must be ready to adapt to all of those different situations we may be placed into. It scares me to think about some of the negative things that might be going on at home such as child abuse, parents arguing, or not being fed enough that we as teachers may come to find out about and from there must make the right decisions of what to do next. It is our job to report these issues to higher authorities and people in the social work field but I feel that I would constantly be worrying about this child, wanting this child to have the best life possible. As I continue my schooling I hope to learn how to cope with these sorts of situations and what the best practice would be for each situation. I want to be a teacher who makes a difference in a child’s life for the better and hope that I have as much drive as the teacher in the movie Freedom Writers had to make that change if need be.