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Last Friday my partner and I went to the AWASIS Child Care program that is attached to the U of R to observe the children for an ECE project. The past two summers I had the privilege of working with children ages 4-12 in various small communities around my hometown (Yorkton). As part of my job I went into communities that had their own leaders and evaluated them. Since I had the experience of evaluating the leaders I automatically was evaluating the teacher in the preschool as well as how the daycare was run while we were observing the children. One boy left to go apologize to another teacher and so the teacher that sent him said that she’ll be checking up on him. Not once did she go and check up on him and he never came back during the hour we were there observing. I was concerned about this child as the teacher never checked up on him. The teacher would also talk over the children when they were playing and therefore they were not listening. I would have established some kind of signal and waited for everyone’s attention before I continued with the instructions. It did not seem like she was very organized and maybe I was just being too critical because of my past experience but I couldn’t help but think of ways she could have improved. I am hoping that when I become a teacher I will catch my own mistakes or have someone come into the classroom to evaluate me so that I can do better.