Today in my ECMP class we discussed how the media has major effects on us in different ways. There were a few points that stood out for me such as filtering  sites in schools and all of the hoaxes that are out there in the media. All schools have certain sites blocked so that teachers and students can not access them such as facebook and youtube. There are always ways of getting around these blocked sites such as disabling them, proxy, or personal IVNP. I think that instead of blocking these sites, teachers should help the students to be net safe and use these tools for educational purposes as there are many good videos out there on youtube that could be used in the classroom.
One other issue that was discussed was all of the hoaxes out there where people are trying to get your money or try and get you to believe something that is not true just to get a reaction. How can you tell if something is true or not? These hoaxes can get out of hand and last for a very long time before someone will admit that it is false. The solution may be that you need a set of social net workers you trust in order to determine if the information is true or not.
Media has become a very powerful tool and is shaping who we are as people. For me, I check my facebook more often then I would ever check what is going on in the news. I think that we need to balance our media life with other things that are going on around us so that we do not get completely absorbed into the powerful world of media.