I have heard a lot about the TED Talk of Ken Robinson -Schools Kill Creativity and thought I should check it out.Within this 20 min clip he talks about ways in which a child’s creativity in school is limited and how we need to support our students in this field as they are our future. I would have to agree with the message Ken Robinson had about creativity. I have heard over and over that a person can’t make enough money by following ones dream in the field of arts. He gives an example that proves this wrong as the girl who created the musical Cats is now a multimillionaire. We should not assume that children have a learning disability because they can’t sit still but rather provide the opportunity to express themselves through such things as dance and music. We need to support the whole being as teachers and encourage their creative capacities.

Two other TED Talks I really enjoyed are Renegade lunch lady Ann Cooper’s new school lunch and Dave Eggers’ wish: Once Upon a School.