This past weekend I went to Saskatoon to go see Dane Cook at the Credit Union Centre. He had two different comedians come on before him which included Al Del Bene and Robert Kelly. I found that the people who came on before Dane Cook were more humorous than he was. Part of the reason why I found it less enjoyable and offensive was due to my values and religious beliefs. I found that he really put down people who are physically challenged, preschools, and some religious groups. Now I understand that comedians are not for everyone so maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me. I have watched some of his acts on the internet that I found them really funny but the ones I saw live were much more offensive.  Being in the faculty of education and have taken a kinesiology adaptive physical activity class has instilled in me how awesome children can be even if they have special needs. I feel that a comedian can still be humorous without discriminating different types of people.