I was reading someone’s blog a little while ago and came across a YouTube video called “Pay Attention” and it really caught my eye.

Within this slide show they question “Why not use the technology that our students love to (create, reach,engage, and teach) more effectively? It seems like we are afraid to use technology such as cellphones and ipods within the classroom thinking it is harmful rather then using them for our benefit. We should be engaging our students instead of enraging them. Therefore we must use technology on a daily basis instead of resisting it. Stats have shown that “children and teens spend 2.75 hours a week using home computers” (Institute for Social Research, 2004) and 70% of our nation’s 4-6 year-olds have used a computer” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2003). These stats are from 2003 and 2004 which means these numbers have probably gone up. It is suggested that since texting is being used so often to communicate with people, they should also be used in the classroom for assignments such as student polls, pop quizzes, math experiments, spelling bees, or peer tutoring.  They gave this example of an assignment which I found very interesting to use in a classroom:

Imiagine giving your class this assignment… “Class, you’ve got 10 minutes to receive a text message from anyone outside of this school..”
Please find out:
1. What they had for breakfast
2. What the weather is like where they are
3. The one thing they last purchased
Bonus points will be given for message received from people in other countries
This would provide students with the ability to connect with people outside of their classroom and challenge them to connect with people worldly. We must provide to the students interests, ensuring it is applicable and a useful resource they could use in the future. One other example a teacher could incorporate is allowing students to listen to podcasts through their ipods. This would allow students to use their ipods in the classroom while still being educated.
We should not be afraid of the technology that is available to us but rather embrace it and use it to its full potential.

Here is another article where a teacher is using cell phones within her classroom. Check it out!