A fellow education student and I were talking about police officers and being pulled over for whatever reason. We then got to talking about how whenever we drive we are always worried about who is driving behind us, is it a police officer? are we going to get pulled over? There is a constant worry when we are driving of being pulled over and receiving a ticket. Police officers are supposed to be on the streets to make us feel safe and watch out for harmful groups of people or individuals, not make us feel intimidated. He had stated that there is even a sense of intimidation when police officers, who are still in training, are walking around the campus. Is fear and intimidation the true message police officers should be sending out or should it be a sense help and security?

Looking back on past experiences in school I can recall teachers who sent the same message as police officers tend to do. They go on their “power trips” which bring fear and intimidation to the students. I remember one teacher in my grade eight year who went on a rant about how we should be clapping during speeches. He gave us a lesson of which types of claps were acceptable. One thing I distinctly remember him telling our class was to “go jump into a fire.” I don’t recall the reasoning behind it but since then we were all intimidated by him because we knew that he was not afraid to raise his voice. Now that I am going into the field of education I will always be able to look back and remember this as something I will never want to do to my students. Teachers should be helpful and send a positive message to their students, not send something that will bring them fear.