I had previously viewed a TED Talk on how Schools Kill Creativity by Ken Robinson and wrote a post about it. Today I was introduced to Michelle’s Blog and found a list of

50 Phrases that Kill Creativity

1. Our place is different
2. We tried that before.
3. It costs too much.
4. That’s not my job.
5. They’re too busy to do that.
6. We don’t have the time.
7. Not enough help.
8. It’s too radical a change.
9. The staff will never buy it.
10. It’s against company policy.
11. The union will scream.
12. That will run up our overhead.
13. We don’t have the authority.
14. Let’s get back to reality
15. That’s not our problem.
16. I don’t like the idea.
17. I’m not saying you’re wrong but…
18. You’re two years ahead of your time.
19. Now’s not the right time.
20. It isn’t in the budget.
21. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
22. Good thought, but impractical.
23. Let’s give it more thought.
24. We’ll be the laughingstock of the industry.
25. Not that again.
26. Where’d you dig that one up?
27. We did alright without it before.
28. It’s never been tried.
29. Let’s put that one on the back burner for now.
30. Let’s form a committee.
31. It won’t work in our place.
32. The executive committee will never go for it.
33. I don’t see the connection.
34. Let’s all sleep on it.
35. It can’t be done.
36. It’s too much trouble to change.
37. It won’t pay for itself.
38. It’s impossible.
39. I know a person who tried it and got fired.
40. We’ve always done it this way.
41. We’d lose money in the long run.
42. Don’t rock the boat.
43. That’s what we can expect from the staff.
44. Has anyone else ever tried it?
45. Let’s look into it further.
46. We’ll have to answer to the stockholders.
47. Quit dreaming.
48. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
49. That’s too much ivory tower.
50. It’s too much work.

I think these phrases are something we as teachers should keep in mind and stay away from in order to embrace creativity in our classrooms and schools.