This past weekend I was having a conversation with my younger cousin about computers and people’s typing skills. He drew to my attention that there are less computers in his classrooms and they have hardly gone to the computer lab. The students are expected to start typing out their projects around grade five or six but from my understanding of what he told me, they have learned no typing skills. They go home to type their paper out and are “finger pecking” because they have not learned the proper way to type on a key board. Once they get into this habit they will continue this instead of using proper typing skills. Is this the case in most schools? I remember when I went to school we were given booklets and had to practice our typing skills and were timed. If students are only “finger pecking” they would take forever! Technology is a large part of society now and if we expect our students to use computers we must first teach them how to type on the computer before introducing them to all the amazing tools computers have to offer.