This has been my first “official” semester of education however I have now completed 5 semesters of university. I truly enjoyed every moment of my education classes which reassures me that this is where I need to be and that I am going in the right direction. For me, this semester has flown by EXTREMELY fast! I found that there were less assignments this semester which allowed me to get them done early and have time to relax. I would have to say that my computers class was one of my favourite classes as I was introduced to so many new tools that I will now be able to use in the future. I also enjoyed my language and literacy class because we were able to do a lot of projects which had to do with art. The projects that I completed can now be used within my future classroom. I now have a big handful of ideas of how I can teach language and literacy in the classroom. Having all of these extra resources that I did not have before makes me fully appreciate the classes I have taken. There has been classes which I think were a waste of money as I will never use that information again. The classes I have taken this semester are a completely different story and I think they were worth every penny. As I continue to further my studies new doors will continue to open, filled with new experiences and lessons to be learned. I can’t wait!