A friend and I were watching Shrek 1 and 2 earlier this week.  We began to talk about the themes and language in the movie and how a lot of it is not appropriate for younger children.  We also found that most of the humour is geared toward adults and not children.  In the first movie, there were three swear words used.  Also the princess was portrayed as skinny and beautiful and seeking “prince charming.”  She was told that loving an ugly ogre was not appropriate for a beautiful princess.  Every time Fiona was portrayed as an ogre, she was large and seemingly unhappy.  Shrek was shown to be ugly and unwanted, while Prince Charming was shown to be the ideal man having blonde hair, perfect teeth, and being thin.  The prince was also very full of himself.  These character portrayals teach children that in order to be happy you must be thin and beautiful and that girls should marry perfect princes and ignore any boys who do not fit the ideal image.  Therefore we ask the question: is Shrek appropriate for young children? Should they be watching this? How will this adult content affect these children in the future? Let me know what you think. Thanks!