I just watched this video and post written by Scott Shelhart and thought it was very well said. We need to be able to create a classroom in relation to the world today, not one that was created 100 years ago. The world is progressing at a rapid speed and we need to keep up. It is crucial that we are able to apply the fundamentals so that the students are excited about what they are learning and want to apply it to their own life. This task is not something that comes easy but I believe a great teacher is one that goes above and beyond the standards and places the students first. A quote that stood out for me is that “too many kids get turned off because they feel the subject is more important than they are.” This should not be the case as I believe the subjects can be taught in ways that students truly enjoy rather then sitting in their desks listening to their teachers talk for long periods of time.
I am going to come into the classroom with the motivation to change what has been going on for so many years. The world is changing and therefore we need to do the same.