Why is it that during New Years we are to come up with a resolution to change our lifestyle but rarely does anyone stick with what they set out to do? There is a motivation for about a couple weeks but it quickly dies off as no one is talking about what they have planned to accomplish whether it is to lose weight or quit smoking. I believe that we do not have enough support and perseverance to accomplish our goals as it is just too easy to give in to our past lifestyle.

As a preservice  teacher I began to think of how I could motivate my future students to persevere and follow through with their new years resolutions. I could create a chart of all of the student’s resolutions and continually check up on their progress monthly. The students would be motivated to continue with their resolution but would also be able to compete with other students as to how long they can last. Sometimes a little bit of this type of competition is enough to motivate students to do what they have set out to do without causing harm to other students. I believe it is important to instill the importance of continuing with something when the students are young so that they know what does or does not work for them when they are older. I would like to hear from everyone else as to what strategies they use to follow through with their New Years Resolutions.