Yesterday Mike Wesch came to speak at the University of Regina however I was unable to attend the live event so instead, I was able to listen to the USTREAM later that night. I was pleased to be able to listen to his talk even though I was not there at the time. This shows how much technology really has advanced over the years and that we as future and existing teachers need to embrace this and allow it into our classrooms. There were a few points Mike made that stood out to me which included what students think of school, the amount of work students feel is necessary, doing what the teacher wants to see, and the transformation of essays. Mike had asked his students who loves school and most students did not raise their hands but when he asked who loves to learn, it was the complete opposite. This made me start to think about what I can do so that my students will not only love to learn but will also love to be at school. I have not come up with a conclusion as of yet but I hope that as I continue in my studies I will gain some strategies of how to do this. Many students only want to do the minimal amount of work necessary that will please the teacher and therefore do not challenge themselves to go above and beyond what is asked. I believe that if students have an input when defining what is required of them, it will be more likely that they want to try harder. Mike also talked about moving past essays and doing other assignments on the computer that the whole world can benefit from. I think that this is a great idea because this way not only is the teacher reading the students work, but so is the entire world of viewers. More people are able to learn from what the student has studied and therefore the students will see the project as worth while. This presentation has motivated me to stray away from the norms and try new things with students and I hope that others will do the same.