Yesterday I went to the education career expo. Many of the people there assumed that I was in my fourth year however I just went there to meet people and see what is available. There were a few tables set up that had people from outside of Saskatchewan promoting their school division. Up to this point I have never thought of teaching in places like Australia, Europe, Mexico, or the Yukon. I think that it would be a very eye opening experience. I would probably be teaching in English nevertheless the culture around me would be so much different. I think that it was good to go see what is available now, so that I have a couple years to think about where I want to be. I may do some international teaching for a year or two but I think after that I’d be ready to come back to Saskatchewan and teach. I think I want to end up in a town that is roughly the size of my hometown (Yorkton). It is big enough that you do not know everyone and small enough that I wouldn’t feel completely lost.