On Friday I volunteered at Hopes Home for ten hours. This is a day care for medically fragile children in Regina, Sk. I think that my experience at Hopes Home was very eye opening, challenging, and saddening. When I arrived there I felt a little out of place because everyone had their own schedule and I was the new person. I felt like I was in the way and didn’t know what I should do to help out. It did not take too long before I settled in and was able to talk with the children, read stories, and play with them. As the children came for the day I found out that a few of the children were going to be spending the night there. I thought that this was really different because most day cares do not have this option. I think that this would be very challenging for the adults to constantly be watching over these medically fragile children. Working with these children on almost a daily basis could be very straining on the adults as they are always busy looking after the children and keeping them busy with activities. I was bothered when the children would throw up or gag because I have a weak stomach however I did feel sorry for these children because it is a challenge for them to eat. I thought that it was very uplifting that the adults were always providing positive feedback towards the children and ensuring that they knew they were valued as an individual. I also found it interesting how the children would call the adults Auntie or Uncle. I am not sure why they did this but I think it was a way to make the environment seem more like home rather than a day care. I was glad that we were able to take some of the children to the gym a couple blocks over so that they could play in a different facility. I felt challenged to adapt to activities so that everyone was involved however it was rewarding when I saw smiles on their faces.