Today I watched the Ustream of Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s presentation that took place last night at the University of Regina. She talked of the decline in diversity and how without diversity, there are less options. There are issues within the climate, economic, and agriculture to name a few. As a child she was enforced to think that if you care about something you have to raise your voice. I believe that this is still relevant to this day in that we must provide a powerful voice if we want something to change for the better. She was also taught to stand up for something you know is wrong which is also very important as we can not allow this issues to pass by us. We must break down these indoctrinations that have been driven into us and wake up to reality that these issues are not just happening ‘out there.’ They are happening right here in Canada and we must take a stand for change.  Severn brought forth the idea that children are becoming more disconnected from the natural world as they are less likely to go out and explore like they used to. People are drinking out of water bottles, driving from place to place, and using technology on a daily basis. We are becoming dependent on these resources rather than seeking the natural world that is all around us. Severn encouraged us as educators to use the world as the classroom and the classroom as the world. I want to be able to connect with the outdoors with my students as this was such an important part of growing up for me. Severn suggests taking the children to the garbage dump, a farm, or to find out where electricity comes from. I think that taking students to a farm could be very educational and eye opening as most students live in the city and do not know a lot about farm life. The outdoor environment is a critical part of our daily lives and it is up to us to ensure that it is being revitalized rather than harmed.