Earlier this week I finally got the chance to go watch The Blind Side which I found fairly well done. It had some positive and some negative messages within it. The most prominent positive message was that not all individuals learn the same way. One of the main characters within the movie struggled when he was asked to write a test; however, when he was given the test orally he succeeded. Most of his teachers accepted this and would allow him to take the test orally except for one teacher. I think that it is important that teachers recognize that not all students succeed when they are given a paper and a pen and are asked to dictate what they have learned through a written test. Tests are not the only way to demonstrate ones learning and I think that teachers should challenge themselves to try other methods to test students. It bothered me when one of the teachers said “is that even allowed” when they suggested to give the boy his test orally. We as teachers are supposed to do what is best for the students, not watch them struggle and continue to fail.
The part of the movie that I thought sent off a negative message was how, like in many movies, the Caucasian person saves or changes the poor, hopeless Black individual and is known as the hero. This tends to be the case in so many movies which I think is wrong. Yes it was nice to see that the boy got help that he may not have received otherwise however I don’t see why it always has to be the Caucasian, well off individual, who is the hero. I would like to see a movie where the roles are reversed as I think the message would be stronger.
What are your thoughts?