Today for one of my classes our class traveled to Moose Jaw to meet with our grade one blogging buddies. Once we arrived there our pictures were on the table and we sat with our buddies. We were instructed to draw one another with crayons on a piece of paper. While I was drawing my buddy he ensured that I drew his clothes with great detail which was a lot of fun because we were able to discuss what was on his shirt (pirate). He also told me about things he liked to do such as quadding and skateboarding.  When he was drawing me he made my hair stand up which made me laugh. I think that he enjoyed making me look crazy and that I was able to laugh with him. After drawing one another we were given a cookie before sitting down for a story by our professor. He told a story about a wide mouth frog where the students sang and laughed. We did not stay for long however we had a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting our blogging buddies.

I think that it was such a great opportunity for these students so have so many different blogging buddies from around the world who they can connect with. This is a very educational experience because they are learning about different parts of the world through others. These students are very privileged to have a teacher who is very open to technology which is awesome. In my future classroom I would love to skype or blog with other students from around the world in order to expand our horizons.