Well the summer has flown by! I can’t believe that university will be starting up again in only a week. The summer program that I delivered this summer went really well. We went to about 8 communities and 2 First Nations reserves. This involved a lot of traveling, however it was well worth it because the children had a lot of fun playing games, doing crafts and singing songs. This was a great experience for me as well because I was able to work with children from all around the area who had different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. I am looking forward to learning about different ways to teach and meet the needs of all children as they all deserve an equal opportunity to learn. One of the highlights of the summer program was our robot mascot which made an appearance twice throughout the summer. We allowed the children to name the robot, ask him/her some questions and also play a game of robot says. The children were excited to meet the surprise guest and had a lot of fun interacting with the robot.
As we went through the summer we developed a few ‘food for thought’ which we included in our letter to the future summer students. I think that this is something that is very useful when you are just starting off and do not know exactly how things will run. I hope that I will be able to gain some of this sort of information when I begin my teaching career in order to make the classroom experience the best it possibly can for myself and my students.
It was a very busy summer and I look forward to going back to university to catch up with friends and continue on my journey as a teacher.