I was recently informed during one of my classes of some disturbing provincial news in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  There is discussion of students being able to plagiarize and hand assignments in late without their marks being penalized. They will be noted of this and then asked to redo the assignment. I think that this is not an effective method to be teaching students. Knowing that they will not be penalized gives the student permission to hand in a plagiarized assignment and then redo their assignment at a later date. This does not provide students with a good working ethic and will create significant issues in the future. What is going to happen when a student gets to university? You can get expelled from the university if you plagiarize. I think that by allowing students to plagiarize during their high school years will cause them to believe that this is not a serious topic and that it does not have to be taken seriously. How many chances do these students get before they see major consequences? I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on what is currently happening in Saskatoon High schools. Is this right? Where is the line drawn?