I feel like this semester has slipped through my fingers like sand. It was been one assignment after another with hardly any breaks and in the middle of it all, my pre-internship. I am in a grade 1/2 classroom and am loving it! The students were so welcoming when my partner and I arrived and thus far I have taught language arts, physical education and math. In the language arts class I read the students a story and then had them represent their favourite season. They are also learning about dinosaurs so in a separate lesson, I read them a story called “Tinysaurs” and allowed them to work in partners to put together puzzles. Physical education was a bit hectic as the students had a ton of energy, this was a learning experience that’s for sure! The most recent lesson I taught was math where I had the students work at five different stations where they explored different ways to estimate. I am continually learning new classroom management techniques as well as discovering the strengths and weaknesses of my students. I enjoy finding new lesson plans that I can try with my students when I go into the school and am always open to different suggestions of how to modify them. The school focuses on math and literacy so if anyone who is reading my blog has some unique lessons or interactive websites for students, I would greatly appreciate them!