Looking back from where I started at the beginning of my teaching experience in October until now, I feel that I have grown both personally and professionally. When I taught my first lesson I was nervous and felt like I did not have a very creative and well established lesson. Through the experiences of teaching a lesson once a week in different subject areas, I have been able to try new activities that have been successful at times, but also contain some weaknesses. Whether the lessons where successful or not, I have learned a lot from these experiences regarding areas where I could improve. I know that there will never be a lesson that is flawless and goes as planned, but I want to continue to strive towards a well established lesson where students are highly involved and receive a greater understanding regarding a specific topic. I found that my weakest lesson was in physical education because the students had the idea that when they entered the gymnasium, it was an unstructured environment where they could get away with anything. If I was to do this lesson again, I would ensure to go over the rules thoroughly to ensure understanding of my expectations. I think that if I had my own classroom I would set up expectations at the beginning of the year as to what a physical education class might look like. It is important that students have an understanding of your expectations at all times. The strongest lesson that I taught was our final one where we made crystallized snowflakes with the students. We had most of the materials cut and prepared for the students before they began so that all they had to do was create their snowflake out of pipe cleaners and then help me create the solution. While they were not creating their snowflakes, they were able to listen to a story. By reading the students a story while doing this experiment, the students remained interested in the lesson rather than being bored because they had to wait. I feel it is important that when teaching a lesson, the teacher should increase activity time as much as possible in order to fully engage students.
Due to the fact that we were only coming in once a week on Wednesdays I felt like we were always guests within the classroom, presenting one lesson and then leaving. I felt like these lessons did not connect to one another since we were not there often enough. I am looking forward to the three week block where I can create a unit based on one subject and be able to view connections throughout. I am not sure what subject I will be teaching however as I am teaching I will take into consideration what I have learned throughout this semester. There were things teachers would do or say that I noticed throughout my field experience thus far that either bothered me or encouraged me. Through these experiences I have been able to think of ways I would either embrace what I had heard or figure out various ways to improve what is being done. My personal goal is to meet the needs of all students in a variety of ways so that they can achieve the outcomes outlined within the curriculum.