Today for my health class we were invited to take part in a health conference held at a local school. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 came to the gymnasium where our class organized activities for groups of students to take part in. My partner and I decided to work on the physically active part of health for our station and had the students doing jumping jacks, sit ups, mountain climbers and much much more. This experience was a lot of fun as we were able to interact with many groups of students who ranged in age for about 10 minutes each. By the end of the morning my partner and I were very tired because we were participating in the activities with every group of students. If I was to do this again I think I would have taken a break more often! I found that within every group there were shy students or students that did not want to participate. I understand that this is very likely to be the case when I have my own group of students so I must be able to adapt my lesson to interest all of the students as well as ensure they feel comfortable doing the activity. One strategy I found useful was to stand by some of the students who did not want to participate so that I could encourage them while participating with them. As I continue on with my journey I am sure I will continue to collect different strategies I can use to help benefit my students.