Today in my ed social studies class we had two guest speakers come in to talk about their experiences within the school. One of the speakers stated “your curriculum is the colour you need to teach.” I thought that this was a very meaningful quote because as educators we need to ensure that we are meeting the curriculum outcomes set out for the grade level we are teaching while at the same time adapting our lessons to meet the needs of our students. Throughout the discussion with the guest speakers we also talked about how many of us future educators are concerned about teaching First Nations content as we do not have a lot of experience. One of the individuals pointed out that this should not be any different than teaching math or literacy content. It is our responsibility as educators to collaborate with other teachers to find out strategies and information we can use in our classroom to help ease the uncertainty we may have. Fellow co-workers are often more than willing to share their resources and team teach if need be in order to benefit the students. One of the most useful resources we as educators have is the ability to invite Elders into the classroom. Elders are very knowledgeable individuals and are willing to share their traditions and beliefs with us as educators as well as with our students. I look forward to learning from Elders in the future and I plan on inviting an Elder into my classroom as often as possible to add to our classroom community. I understand that teaching First Nations content is very important and a part of the curriculum and therefore I feel it is my responsibility to gain as much background as possible both before and during my teaching career.