Today was the first day of my three week block! It was great to be back in the school again and know that I will be seeing the students more often. The students had returned to school after having five days off so they were on the restless side. For my first lesson I started off by doing a K-W-L chart with the students and watched a video. While doing the K-W-L chart I found out that some students had a very basic understanding of what the environment is and what it means to take care of it. There were some students however who were unsure of what this meant and instead brought up such things as “if you break a mirror you will have bad luck” and “you should tell someone if they have pudding on their face”. Once the students watched the video, they had a greater understanding of what they will be learning in the next three weeks. I found it useful to have the students recall what they saw in the video to ensure they are grasping the concepts and are engaged in their learning. I also informed the students about some activities that they will be participating in during the three week block. Tomorrow they will get a visit from a special guest and are very excited to find out more about vermicomposting!