Today the students were introduced to a special guest! For my second lesson I brought in a vermicompost which is made up of soil, red worms, newspaper and scrap food. I had planned to incorporate technology into this lesson so I had the overhead projector and the five lap tops set out for the students. I was having some technical problems with the projector and therefore caused the students to go ahead without me. In order to prevent any more ciaos within the lesson I decided to shut the lap tops down and have the students watch and follow along with the video on the overhead projector. This allowed the lesson to run much smoother and the students gained a better understanding of what a vermicompost is. When I introduced the vermicompost to the class most of the students were excited to see the worms however some of them were grossed out. Once they all had a chance to see the worms they were excited and wanted to get a hands on experience. Due to the fact that the lesson was cut short because of the technical problems, I have decided to create a follow up lesson to further discuss the vermicompost and why we have it in the classroom.