Take a look at my first bulletin board!
The students are learning about the importance of using the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) within their daily lives. At the beginning of this lesson I read the students a book called  “We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers” by Lauren Child. Within this book students collect items to recycle and place leaves on a tree. Once they collect one hundred items they will be able to plant a tree of their own at school. Following this book I assigned the students the role of either creating leaves out of newspaper or cutting out banches to create the tree. I allowed the students to tape on the branches themselves and by the end, a beautiful tree was created! I enjoyed how the tree was not perfect but was rather student led and created by them rather then myself. The students were excited about this recycling tree and looked forward to placing leaves on the tree. I am hoping that by the end of my three week block our tree will blossom and be covered in many leaves.