Today was my half day of teaching and I was a bit nervous at the beginning. During my first lesson we read a book about pollution and then did an experiment to see what it looks like when the “ocean” is polluted with oil or soapy water. This allowed the students to have a visual as to what will happen if we pour oil into the water or a soapy substance. The students were very engaged in the experiment and seemed to grasp the concept of what would happen to the plants and animals if this happened.
Following this lesson I had the students return to their desk and take their bird feeds that they started the day before. I had the students add the string to their bird feeder, decorate it and take bird seed. The students were allowed to take these bird feeders home and hang them in their tree in hopes that their will be visitors soon! When the students were done I had clay for them to play with. I told them that they could create an environment contraption or anything of their choice. We also talked about where clay comes from and how it relates to the environment. Part way through their exploration I showed the students pictures of things that were made of clay such as bowls and figurines. I also showed them illustrations from a book that were made out of clay. The students thought this was very neat and were excited to make their own creations. I allowed the students to make one final creation and then we took a group photo and shared what we made.
After recess the students stayed outside for physical education because it was such a nice day. We played a game called Oh Deer! Some of the students grasped the concept of finding their habitat (shelter, water, and food) while others just wanted to run and play. We played a few rounds of this game and then I switched to a game of tag so that the students would remain engaged and have fun outside. Going outside for physical education was a new experience for me and something the students don’t get to experience very often. I think that it is important for the students to be able to be outside as much as possible since most of the day is spent indoors sitting down.
The week is almost done and we only have one week left at the school. Wow has it ever flown by!