Today was the last day of teaching for our cooperating teacher as she was going on maternity leave. In the morning my teaching partner taught the opening lesson and later I taught a lesson on environment contraptions. The students were able to choose recycled materials such as old fabric, buttons, strings, feathers and cardboard boxes which would be used to make some sort of person, animal or contraption that would help the environment. The students were given the entire class time to work on their creations as well as ten minutes in the afternoon. On Monday they will be creating stories to go along with what they made and will be able to share with the class. Also in the afternoon our class had a goodbye party for our teacher where they had snack and played bingo. The students had a lot of fun but it was sad to see her go. She was a very good cooperating teacher to work with and provided us with a lot of feedback to help us on our journey. On Monday there will be a new teacher in the classroom so it will be interesting to get a new perspective on our teaching techniques but at the same time it will be a big change. One last week in the field, hope all goes well!