For my two lessons today I decided to team teach with my teaching partner. The first lesson we taught together was physical education. I felt that this lesson was one of the best physical education classes thus far as most students stayed on task and followed directions. The students played a game called pollution where the students had to travel across the gym without getting “caught” in the polluted area. After the first round we had the students group back together to discuss what happened when lots of people got trapped in the pollution. I also reminded the students of how they should tag people lightly as well as boundary lines. While the students were playing I noticed that the people stuck in the pollution began to develop a strategy to catch people who were crossing. This was good to see as it provided me with confirmation that the students understood my instructions.
For the second lesson we had the students create yarn balls which represented how we are tied to the community and environment. The yarn shows how we need to take care of one another and the environment. If we do not work to take care of these things, it will fall apart. Prior to this lesson, my teaching partner and I completed half of the yarn balls so that the students could see what they were supposed to do and also to save time. We reminded the students that they need to take this project seriously because they will be working with glue which can be very messy. The students responded to this activity very well and were excited to work on their balloons. Most of the students got close to finishing their balloon and will be able to complete it tomorrow.