As a teacher I have grown to become more comfortable in front of the students when I am teaching a lesson. I have also become more familiar with the curriculum and understand how it is incorporated into every lesson. Through my experience in the three week block I have come to understand how important it is to continually change and adapt my lessons to meet the needs of the students. During the three weeks there were lessons that I either cut or split into two in order to fully explain certain concepts. Throughout this time with the students I have become attached to each and every student. Due to this fact I want to ensure that my students are receiving the appropriate work environment so that they can learn and succeed. Many of my lessons included hands on activities which the students seemed to respond to well. I found that in other lessons, the students were only given handouts to work on so I felt that they needed more hands on experiences. I have come to understand that all students have different learning styles and a classroom is filled with a range of ability levels. Due to this fact, I have come to realize that adaptive dimension is one of the most important aspects of every lesson. One of the major areas that I struggle with the most within the classroom is classroom management. This is an area that will always need practice from year to year as the students change. I have to challenge myself to be firm with the students and ensure that they understand my expectations in order to have control within the classroom rather than allowing the students to take over the lesson. I believe that if I work on providing clear instructions, the level of confusion will be reduced. Being in the classroom for three weeks was a great experience and I have learned a lot. I look forward to one day having my own classroom so that I can create my own environment filled with routines and unique lessons to meet the needs of my students.

The three week block flew by so quickly and I can’t believe it is over already! I had such an amazing time with the grade one and two’s. Looking back I will miss all of the students even though sometimes certain students were a struggle and kept me very busy. All of the students were unique and will hold a special place in my heart. Two lessons within my three week block really stand out for me. The first being the vermicompost and the second being the recycle tree. For both of these activities I had an introductory lesson for each but after that I handed the responsibility over to the students. Throughout the three weeks I reminded the students a couple of times about bringing food for the worms or to ensure that they make a leaf when they recycle. By handing over the responsibility to the students this showed me that the students ARE capable individuals and that if they are passionate about something, they can complete it on their own. The worms were always well fed and the recycling tree continued to grow as the weeks went on. I was very proud of my students and hope that they continue to reduce, reuse and recycle as they grow up. On my last day the students made a documentation book for my teaching partner and I to have. Each student created at least one page by gluing on a picture and labeling it. This is a treasure I will be able to keep forever and I look forward to looking back on the many memories we created as a class. I will be taking a summer class this summer so I am hoping to stop by the school for a visit as I am sure I will miss each and every student!