Last Monday I had the opportunity to go to a power of ten workshop with my cooperating teacher. This was a full day workshop where we learned more about the power of ten cards as well as some activities to go along with them. One of the big questions I got from the workshop was asking how? –Why do the student thinks they are correct and how they came to that answer. I also felt it was a good point when the speaker said that teachers should be covering the curriculum several times throughout the year. It is important to reinforce the concepts often as students will forget after a short period of time. Moving around the classroom is also an important strategy that I learned from this workshop. Students are able to refocus when you move around the classroom and they will also be able to remember what was taught in that area of the classroom. I  also liked the idea of having students create their own word problems so that it is more applicable to them. These word problems can then be used in the following year for the students going into the grade after them. It is very important in math to ensure that students are able to relate to what they are learning so that it is more enjoyable.  This workshop was very informative and I look forward to applying it to my internship!