Today was the first day with students!! It was very busy as it took a lot of time to get organized and go through our planned activities. In the morning the parents came to fill out some forms as well as drop off their child with their very heavy backpacks. Once we got the students settled we unpacked all of their school supplies. We then sang the alphabet song and read a story. After this we had the students create a face to go on the bus bulletin board which was a lot of fun for them as we provided markers, crayons, plates and yarn for the hair. Before lunch there was an assembly to welcome everyone to the school which was a great way to start off the year. After lunch we learned the number one by saying it out loud and jumping it into your brains! Once the students came in from recess I led them in a couple ‘get to know you’ activities which was a bit confusing for the students at first but they caught on fast. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for home so we handed out their communication books and allowed them to get their bags ready. Home time was a little bit chaotic as some of the students didn’t know where to go to meet parents or catch the bus. It looks like we will have a great class despite a few behavioural issues there are many students with an outgoing personality! I will continue to look forward to getting to know these students in the future and can’t wait to teach them!