Wow I can’t believe it’s already day four of my internship. I can tell that it is going to fly by!! The grade ones are learning lots but you can tell that they are very tired in the afternoon as they are not used to going to school for a full day. They are also not used to doing so much work throughout the day instead of breaking to have play time. It will take a while for them to get used to the routine but I believe these students will pull through! Today the students had a lot of fun in the gym where our principal led the students in a game of pacman. In the afternoon I read the students a story about Clifford and then led the students in a finger play about Mr. Wiggles and Mr. Waggles. The students really enjoyed the finger play so I hope to do more in the future. In the evening I went to an STF meeting and then to a parent meeting so it was a very long day! The parent meeting went well and I was happy to meet some of the parents. Tomorrow is our first early dismissal day so the students are only at school for half a day. I am looking forward to meeting with our PLC groups to continue to learn more from other teachers! So far I am loving my internship and really enjoy how welcome I feel within the school 🙂