Prior to my internship I talked with my Auntie about setting up pen pals with her third grade class in Austin, Texas. Yesterday I sent her a class list so that her class could start off! It worked out perfect because we both have twenty one students as well as the same amount of boys and girls! I am very excited to receive these letters and I think the students will love it! While my Aunite’s class was writing their letters they were asking questions such as “what language do they speak?” and “is Canada in a different country?” I think that this will be a great learning experience for both our students and hers! They also thought that the students’ names were really neat and were excited to learn more about Canada. They knew that they needed to print instead of handwriting the letters which I thought was a great observation. One student also knew that in Eastern Canada they usually speak French and in the rest of Canada they usually speak English!  I’m not sure if I want to tell the students about the pen pals right away as I’m worried that they will be asking when the letters will arrive every day! Thoughts?