As part of my internship, my cooperating teacher and I attended an internship seminar at Kenosee for three days. I found that the first day that we were there was very casual and laid back. We did not cover a lot of material as it was more about introductions. We were also able to go into Carlyle for the afternoon as we had some free time to do some shopping. It was neat to go into the small town and see what they had. The following day we did a lot more work in regards to the internship which I found very useful. My cooperating teacher and I completed a dialogue about how we felt about internship which was very useful. We also filled out a contract where I was able to figure out the long term plan for my internship which really helped to visualize what it will all look like. In the evening we had a social event where we did some karaoke singing which was quite entertaining. The Kenosee area was very scenic and relaxing so I am glad I had this time with my cooperating teacher to get to know her better and plan out the internship. Now I must plan, plan, plan!