Today was picture day so all of the students came to school dressed up very nice. I was glad that we were able to have our pictures taken in the morning so that we did not have to worry about the students getting their clothes dirty outside or at lunch. It was different to be in the other position of being the teacher instead of the student and not having to line up for my picture and wait. I did however have an individual photo taken as well as the class and staff photo. I am looking forward to having these photos as a keepsake of my internship. The students had to wait a fairly long time in the gym before they got their picture taken so they were getting a bit anxious. For the rest of the day they seemed to be off and weren’t able to concentrate as much as they normally can. I understand that there will be off days every so often so I’m not going to let this bother me because we have a great group of students!
I taught my first lesson today in physical education! I did an introduction lesson to my dance unit and I thought that it went quite well considering that the students were having trouble concentrating throughout the day. At the beginning of the lesson I blew up a balloon and had the students describe how it grew and expanded. I then let it go and again had the students describe what happened to the balloon. This was a great way to ‘hook’ the students and it also helped to build vocabulary. I then went over vocabulary I was going to use as well as the importance of personal space. The students then found their own space and I had them move as if they were a balloon as well as many other things. I had to stop part way and remind the students what it means to give each other space to move as they were bumping into one another. Once I reminded the students they seemed to be able to refocus and continue to participate. I could tell that the students really enjoyed the lesson as there were many smiles and laughter throughout. To close the lesson I chose three students to tell the class how we should move. This was a great way to check for understanding. The outcome was achieved and I look forward to continuing my dance unit!