When I got to school this morning my cooperating teacher asked me if I wanted to go with the cross country group to a meet. This was not planned however I thought that this would be a great experience so I went home and changed so that I could go with the group at 9:30. It was great to spend the morning outside as it was a fairly nice day outside, my cheeks even got a little red! There were fifty students who went from our school and we were all very proud of them for running. Once I got there I wished I had taken my camera so that I had a keepsake of this event. I did however run into someone I knew who had a camera so I am hoping to get some pictures from her. The experience was a lot of fun and I am glad I had the opportunity to go. I did not stay for the entire day however and went back with the younger group of students after lunch.
When I got back to the school I taught the students a cardio lesson in the music room. Before the students came into the room I set out small pieces of carpet for each student to stand on. Once they got into the room I assigned where the students should stand in order to ensure safety for everyone. This technique seemed to help quite a bit as it reduced behaviour problems and everyone had their personal space. I had the students stretch with me and then follow various cardio exercises that started out simple and then increased in difficulty. The students seemed to enjoy the exercises even though it was a lot of hard work. One thing I would have done differently is at the end of the lesson was to gather the carpets before walking and doing the cool down. I had not done this and instead of walking and cooling down some of the students were hopping from one carpet to the next. I now know that it is important to remove distractions before moving on.
When I got home tonight there was a package in the mail for me. It turns out the letters for our students arrived!! I couldn’t wait and had to open them up to see what the students in Texas had to say. It seems like one of their favourite things to do at recess is play four square! Our students also like to play this game which is kind of neat. There were a few things that the students wrote that made me laugh:
“have you ever gone cliff jumping” – what a brave boy
“I like to play with my dog, play video games and visit new york” -the last part seems pretty awesome!
“what kind of bird do you like most” – I didn’t know kids at that age were into birds, I’m learning too!
“I am 38 years old and in third grade”- I hope this is a writing mistake!
“prepare to bow down to the power of the darkside” – see he is a Star Wars lover!
I think that the students will love these letters and I can’t wait to help the students write back to their pen pals!