Today I started my science unit on daily and seasonal changes with my grade ones. I introduced what a k-w-l chart looks like and had them come up with things they knew about this topic. I prompted the students throughout this discussion so that they could generate ideas such as in summer it is hot and in winter it is cold. I then moved onto the want to know column which didn’t have as many things listed. There were some students who were very curious however and wanted to know why leaves change colours and how they grow leaves again after winter. My professional development goal for this lesson was to  ensure that students were not off task throughout the lesson. After I taught this lesson I realized that the discussion we had was not interactive enough for some of the students and they tended to become off task. I had done this k-w-l chart on one piece of paper and I think that if I was to do this again I would have done each area (k, w, and l) on a different piece of paper so that I could have written bigger and added pictures so that the students knew what the words said. For my next science lesson I am going to review the k-w-l chart and then move onto the days of the week, the months and the seasons. I will then have the students draw a picture of their favourite season. This will allow me to grain an idea of what the students know about each season.