There is a student within our class who struggles to stay on task and do his work when instructed. This student currently has a part time Educational Assistant with him during the morning however we are unsure if this person will continue to be with him throughout the entire year. I believe that he needs an Educational Assistant with him for the entire day for the rest of year as he does not have his letters/sounds mastered and his fine motor skills are very weak. He will often get out of his desk during instructional time or make disruptive noises while he is working. Although this student can be a handful he is also very lovable. Today was the day he proved it to everyone that he is capable of reading! Yesterday he was given three books in a special bag to take home to practice reading and today he came to school very excited that he had read these books at home! We got him to read to his Educational Assistant, my cooperating teacher and myself. We were all VERY impressed and gave him many stickers which brought a smile to his face. For the first time he was enjoying reading and was able to see success in something he struggles with. It was a great feeling to see that light bulb turn on for him and see that he is excited to read! For the rest of the day he seemed to be more on task and willing to do his work. Perhaps this is what he needed to start his day off right!