Today my academic adviser came to observe my teaching. I started the day off by doing the morning exercises and having the students tell me what day it was and how many days of school we have had so far. I then moved onto introducing the letter ‘u’ by playing a song, doing a powerpoint and then having the students practice writing the letter ‘u’. The powerpoint was something different for the students as we usually have a container filled with items that start with that letter. The letter ‘u’ is difficult as there aren’t many words that start with that letter. This was also a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom and allow the students to get a visual of things they are not familiar with such as university, utensils, and ukulele. I wrote on the chart paper what the letter ‘u’ looks like and how they should print it in their books. They always like when we do a “bad house” where we write the letters messy and then discuss why it is printed wrong. I handed out the letter books after this and had them practice the letter ‘u’. They enjoy when I set the timer so I set it for eleven minutes and they were  very quiet during that time which was great! Once the students were done with their letter pages I handed out a communication note for them to fill out. This is something we have only done a few times so they are still getting into the routine of following along and knowing where to write the words that are missing. This is a great way to communicate with the parents and allow the students to practice their printing. I thought that the lesson went quite well. My advisor pointed out that I should work on praising the students when they do something that I ask them to do such as “give me five” when I want them to listen. Thanking the students for doing their job quickly will encourage them to continue to work hard and listen in the future.
In the afternoon the students were given I am thankful books to fill out. My cooperating teacher and I helped the students spell various things they were thankful for and then they also got to add illustrations. Many of the students were thankful for their family, teachers, food, friends, and DS. One of the boys said he was thankful for the Thanksgiving chocolate cake and making sure his face does not get dirty! It is things like this that really make me enjoy every moment of teaching as students tend to say funny things without even knowing it!