It has been a couple days since I’ve added a post so here is what has been happening the past while. On Tuesday we had a school assembly where the principal handed out principal awards to students who did good work in the past month. He also handed out student of the month awards which was great as we were able to hear about all the great work that is happening within our school. There was also a guest speaker who came to talk to the school about donating shoes for people in Africa. The past couple of days the students have been bringing old shoes to school that will be donated to people in Africa who do not have shoes. The speaker showed the students a slideshow about his trip to Africa and what they do there with the shoes. The assembly was quite long but I think that the students enjoyed learning about how they can help others.

On Wednesday I did a lesson to do with birthdays. I had each of the students go to different parts of the room according to the months they were born. I then had them shout out their months so that the students could become more familiar with the months of the year. Following this I had the students come up one at a time and place a birthday cake into the birthday graph so that we could see which month has the most and least birthdays. While we were doing this activity one of the students was not listening or paying attention when I called him up to place his birthday cake in the graph. Since he was not listening I told him that he would not be having a birthday this year and that he would not be able to place his cake in the graph because he was not listening. He wasn’t very happy about this but he needed to know that when I ask students to listen that means that they need to be quiet and focus on the speaker. At the end of this activity I told him that if he was ready to listen he could come and put his cake in the graph. He decided that he was ready and after this he was a much better listener. I felt bad that he was upset about this but I wanted him to recognise that it’s not okay to talk while the teacher is trying to teach. At the end of the day he gave me a hug and was on his way!

Today we had a Thanksgiving feast! We had the students in all three grade one classrooms bring either a fruit or a vegetable to share. We then had a little Thanksgiving party in the afternoon where we sang some songs and read our Thanksgiving books. Following this we went into the gym and had a feast! There was a lot of food for the students so we encouraged them to eat lots and by the end there was still a lot left over. I think the students really enjoyed their time with the rest of the grade ones. Once we were back in the classroom we also did some Thanksgiving journalling about our feast which was great writing practice.