Today I taught a dance/music lesson as well as a science lesson. In the dance/music lesson I had the students create groups of three to form a triangle. The person at the point of the triangle was the leader. I played music and whatever the leader did, the other two people had to follow. I would then pause the music and a new leader would begin to dance. The students seemed to really like this and I noticed that they were using some of the dance moves that I had taught them in previous lessons. I then had the students sit down and I taught them a rhythm by tapping their chest, snapping and clapping. Some of the students seemed to catch onto this while others were still a bit confused. I decided to end the lesson by making rain so I divided the students into small groups. Each group had a specific task in order to make the rain sounds. They really enjoyed this and I shut the lights off so that they could concentrate on the sound. It was a great way to end the lesson.

In science today we played the wipe out game.  I began the lesson by reviewing the months of the year. There were a few students who were not on task during this so I made sure to ask them what month came next in order to refocus them. I then gave the students the game board and reviewed the number of month there are. I had the students number off the months of the year and then demonstrated how to play the game with two dice. I had two students demonstrate what they are to do in order to ensure they understood. I then paired off the students and had them play the game. This was a great way to incorporate math into science as they had to count how many dots were on the dice. Most of the students did not have time to finish their game so I would like to do this again some day.