Last Friday I took my students on a field trip to the Ecological Ravine. My cooperating teacher as well as one parent walked with us as we went on a nature walk. Along the walk I provided the students with a list of things they needed to find and place in a bag. Some of the things the students found were leaves, pine cones, coloured rocks and twigs. They really enjoyed walking through the trees and seeing how the leaves have changed colour as well as trees that had been chopped down by beavers. Many of the students’ favourite part was walking across the bridge and seeing the birds fly in a V.  Once we got back to the school we talked about what we saw and enjoyed. One of the students’ pants were covered in burs, he could hardly wait to show is Mom! Today I printed off some pictures from the trip and brainstormed ideas with them of what they could write about in their journals. I gave them three sentence starters: I saw, I liked and I collected. This was a great way to assess whether or not students were able to recall what they had done on Friday. I was also able to assess their ability to write a complete sentence with proper punctuation and spelling.