On Thursday and Friday I was teaching full time because my cooperating teacher was sick. I was not supposed to start my three week block until Monday however I got a head start! This worked out well because there are two days within the three week block where there isn’t school. I was a little nervous to start and the first morning wasn’t a lot of fun because the students had to catch up on a lot of spelling. When I went home the first day I had a little bit of a head ache but I thought that the day went well as a whole. In math we were working on a problem involving pumpkins and making 12 in many different ways. We only had half an hour to work on this math problem so the students were not able to finish. In the afternoon I took the students down to the music room so that they could practice a song with the boomwhackers and do the Cha Cha Slide. I told them that we will be performing these two things to our pen pals in Texas over Skype! They were all very excited and eager to find out what their buddy looked like.

On Friday I got the students to finish up their work they had started in their phonics books as well as the math problem. While we were making a t-chart I had the students come up to the smart board and write one way to make twelve. I reminded them a few times to be respectful and listen when others are sharing. There were a few who were still not concentrating on math but rather talking with their friends. I had all of the students sit back down in their desk and talked to them about why it is important to listen when others are sharing. Once they came back to the smart board they seemed to listen much better. In the afternoon I turned on Skype so that we could talk with our pen pals in Texas. All of the students from both classes first did the Cha Cha Slide together and then they had the opportunity to introduce themselves. The web camera quality wasn’t the best but they got an idea of what they looked like. Our class then played the students a song on the boomwhackers and their pen pals had to guess. They got it right! It was twinkle twinkle little star.

I will officially be starting my three week block on Halloween! Wish me luck and stay tuned for what the grade ones are up to!