I survived Halloween week! Halloween wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In the afternoon we had a classroom party where we took part in a parade, a mummy wrap, and made goblin goo!! The students had a lot of fun and ate lots of treats. I thought that the students would be a lot more hyper than they were during the week. We had sent a note home before hand letting parents know that they are only allowed to send one candy with their child for lunch dessert. By the end of the week I had forgotten that Monday was Halloween so I guess that’s a good thing. This week I had the students work on before and after in math. I think that the students could still use some practice as some students are still mixed up especially with the word less. In health I started talking about different types of relationships. The students had an opportunity to show off their acting acting skills. I provided the students with a scenario and then had them act it out as I recorded it. On Tuesday we will be able to watch our scenario videos and talk about them. After Halloween I started a peace unit and talked with the students what peace is. Today we made peace is posters for the hallway so stay tuned for pictures!