Wow, time has flown by. Tomorrow is my last day of my three week block. Before I had started my three week block of teaching full time I thought that it would go by slowly and that it would be very difficult to plan for that long. Looking back at my three week block it seems like it went by in a week. I found that it was fairly easy to plan activities from day to day. I also realized that the scheduled plan continues to change as things come up. On Wednesday the principal of the school came to observe my teaching for about an hour. He was late coming because he got tied up with a meeting. Due to this I had to change my plans a little bit however I thought it went over quite well. I had students fill in the blanks to a story using all of their spelling words as well as a math lesson on the number 17. I received a lot of good feedback from the principal which was a great reassurance that I am on the right track. Yesterday I brought some of my paintings to show the students. They all really enjoyed the paintings and were excited to paint a picture of their own. This morning the students continued to ask when we would be painting. In the afternoon they had the opportunity to paint on a canvas. They all turned out beautiful and some of them even added sparkles. Stay tuned for some pictures of wonderful masterpieces!