On Friday my teaching partner from my pre-internship came for a visit! She had the day off of school because of parent teacher interviews so she decided to make a trip to come see another school and grade. It was great seeing her and being able to be in the school environment again with her. She was able to see how our school day runs and the different types of students we have within our classroom. Throughout the day she mostly observed but was also a great help for the students when they needed help spelling or a reminder of what they should be doing. In the afternoon the students listened to a story about the gingerbread man and later made their own ginger bread men using liquorice and craft supplies. They all looked great!
Today was not the same without her there and I truly miss her company. The day went fairly well and I am slowly starting to feel a bit better after being quite sick for two weeks!! In the afternoon I was with a student and we were leaving to go to the music room to practice our Christmas song. I had a cut on my finger and I asked the student if he could get me a band aid for my finger. He quickly grabbed a band aid, took off the packaging and put the band aid on. As we were leaving to go to the music room he sealed it with a kiss to make my finger feel better. He just stole my heart! I thought that was so sweet of him and I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I leave. I will miss him along with the other students so much!! This boy and I have gotten quite close and he seems to do his work quite well when I am around so I hope he continues to do a great job when I leave! I don’t want my internship to end!! It’s all coming to a close wayyyyyyy too fast!!